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Lazy Sundays - October

October is such a month of contrasts for me. The nights drawing in put me in a reflective mood. l have that start afresh feeling that most people get at the start of January. l want to throw out all the unnecessary junk cluttering up the house, l want to refocus on my photography goals, l want to snuggle under a big duvet with several books and magazines to inspire me. It's also a month that can start to overwhelm me. I've found this to be the most difficult school term for my son. School holidays, a long term, dark nights, Halloween, his birthday, Christmas with all its changes to normal school routine all create the perfect storm conditions for a child with additional support needs. 

But this is all balanced out by nature providing the most beautiful month of the year. The leaves start turning, the stags start roaring, the sun gets lower and the air crisper. I love it. Much as l moan about Scottish weather, l don't think l could live somewhere that didn't have seasons, especially this season. 

You must stand here so that l can get a picture of you together in beautiful Autumn colours. 

Lazy Sundays - Octobers

She turned 3 this month. Don't you dare suggest that she's a little girl or else you will be met with stomping feet, wailing and a pouty face. She's a big girl now. 

One of those mornings that there just wasn't any let-up from the kids. They were both through to our bed long before daybreak and then proceeded to annoy the crap out of each other and consequently us. All was forgotten when we came across this sunrise. 'A' made me run downstairs to get my big camera whilst he took pictures on my phone camera. He's starting to get pretty good at photography. l think it will be a wonderful outlet for him when he is older. Once we had snapped a few, we put the devices down and just enjoyed. The kids loved watching it just as much as we did. 

Lazy Sundays - October

A little bit of pie face on her birthday. In contrast to most kids, the fun for her doesn't come with watching other people getting splatted: she prefers to be the one getting pied. 

Ah Halloween. 'A' lost the original mask for this outfit so this scream mask that my husband has been carrying around for the last 20 years finally came in handy. Although l wouldn't let him wear it to the party because, well come on, it's too damn scary. 

The kids and l tried a bit of soap making this month. They look pretty but the lavender turns brown quite quickly after using it. We'll try some new concoctions in the next few weeks. 

Fall for Autumn in Scotland

My little Autumn baby