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My favourite Scottish reads

My favourite Scottish reads

Hebrides, Peter May

Hebrides, Peter May (Photographs - David Wilson)

It's a photographic love letter to the Hebrides. Stunning imagery, personal anecdotes and a history of the island and its people. This is a book l return to time and time again. It captures the colour and feel of the islands perfectly. It's a moodboard of inspiration for photographers and once viewed you will feel compelled to make your own pilgrimage to the islands. 

The Scottish Bothy Bible

Cool Camping Scotland, Keith Didcock, Andy Stothert, Robin McKelvie & Jenny McKelvie

Scotland has some of the finest camping sites in the world. We've done our fair share of wild camping, still do, but nowadays we like to pre-plan some of our trips with a bit more comfort in mind. Always on the lookout for a unique and scenic spot, this is our starting point. This book looks more at the overall experience rather than just 5* facilities. Mountains, sea-scapes, sunsets, home-cooking, art courses, traditional music. There's a campsite for every interest. Along with handy hints like where the nearest pub is or what to do if it's rainy. Buy this if you want to find a unique location to stay in Scotland. 

The Scottish Bothy Bible, Geoff Allan

As above but for the more rough and ready of us. Not my husband's cup of tea, he prefers van-life. But this newly released book has me dreaming of mountain adventures and long nights spent in front of an open fire nursing a wee dram. Bothies have a special place in the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts. Basic accommodation, often in the most scenic and remote of locations, which provide shelter for anyone who needs them. How very Scottish! The book is broken down into categories such as bothies for beginners and families, romantic bothies, best bothies for solitude and best for history and legends. If you are after a Scottish adventure, this might be the guide to fire you up. 

The Living Mountain, Nan Shepherd

The Living Mountain, Nan Shepherd

This book has justifiably earned cult status. l simply cannot do justice to it with my own words. If you love mountains, have spent any time in the Cairngorm mountain range or love fantastic writing, you must get this book. The prose is spellbinding. Here is someone who enjoyed mountains not just for the challenge of reaching the top, but as an exercise in absorbing all of our surroundings and the impact nature and the wild has on us. She makes it all feel magical. 

Between the Sunset and the Sea, A view of 16 British Mountains, Simon Ingram

Still making my way through this and although it's not specifically Scottish, I've included it here because it makes lots of references to Scottish mountains.  This is a chunky and engaging read by another author who has the unique ability to capture special details about a place that others just don't see. It goes some way to explaining why mountains have such appeal for some people. It's written by a mountain lover for mountain lovers. Get ready to read about some of your favourite climbs in a new light or to be inspired to finally climb one of the mountains that he so evocatively describes. 

An Illustrated Treasure of Scottish Mythical Creatures

An Illustrated Treasure of Scottish Mythical Creatures, Theresa Breslin, Kate Leiper

Enchanting bedtime reading for children filled with Scottish folklore about creatures such as the Loch Ness monster (affectionately known as Nessie), selkies (seals that take a human form), kelpies, giants and much more. A storybook that both me and my kids love to read again and again. 


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