Lazy Sundays - Aug

Life has been so lazy that here, that l am only getting round to the second month of what was supposed to be a monthly series. Turns out that having two kids home all summer doesn't leave much time for anything else. But routine has recommenced and with it my sanity and creativity return. 

Evening walks with the family in the golden hour. 

Golden Sun, Scotland

The heather in the hills at this time of year is glorious. Everywhere is tinged purple. 

Scottish Heather

And the wildflowers draw my attention everywhere we go. 

Wildflowers, Scotland

Serving up a variety of vegetables for the family because, well, you know, it photographs well. 

Colourful vegetables

Weekends away with the family. Outdoor breakfast tastes much better than normal breakfast. 

VW campervan, Scotland

Half way up the Old Man of Storr on the Island of Skye. The kids walked the whole way and they had fun doing it. We walked through the 'bog of eternal stench', we searched for fairies, we jumped on stepping stones and climbed up big rocks. I've missed being in the hills so much since having kids but it looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

Walking with children, Scotland

2 is hard but moments like this make it all worth it. They love each other so much. 


You can't go to a fancy dress party dressed as Thor without indulging your photographer mamma first. 


Playing with her big cousins with the wind in her hair. Life can't get any sweeter for this girl. 

Trampoline Fun

Don't tell anyone but I've made a start on Christmas gifts. There are after all, only 18 weeks until the big day.  I'm determined to not buy people pointless crap they don't need this year. Instead I'll make them pointless crap....well, hopefully not. I'll share more as the months pass. 


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