Lightroom Workflow for Landscape Images

I'm always looking for ways to streamline my workflow. Whilst l love to shoot, l don't like spending hours in front of my computer fine-tuning my images. So when SleekLens approached me asking if l would test out their Through the Woods Landscape Brush and Preset Collection for Lightroom, l jumped at the chance. 

I tested them out with some of my most challenging images: where l had underexposed to retain the highlights. 

The images on the left are straight out of camera. The images on the right are processed with SleekLens presets. 


Through the Woods - All in one Calm Sunset

                                   Vignette - Subtle Black


Image 2

Through the Woods - Add clarity

                                    All in One - Dawn Rising

                                    Vignette Subtle Black


Image 3

Through the Woods - Add Clarity

                                    Brighten Shadows

                                    Base Autumn Colours

                                    Polish - Punch it Up


This definitely saved time. 2 or 3 clicks and l had an image that was ready to share. Whether l can give up total control over fine tuning my images remains to be seen but I'm definitely going to try and thus get more images off my hard drive and shared or printed. 

If you want to find out more head on over here