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Monday thoughts

It's been a fortnight of devastation in the UK. I have a long list of jobs to do but my thoughts come back to Eilidh MacLeod and her family who will be burying her today. There are so many stories that stick with you through these unimaginable events but Eilidh's has particular resonance because of my connection to the Western Isles. A trip off the islands is always exciting but a trip away with your best friend to see your pop idol? The outfit planning, the make up, the whatsapp conversations with friends at home........... That first flush of adulthood flushed away in an act of devastating horror. 

Her family have shown incredible dignity and strength these last two weeks. The undeniable support from their community in Barra and further afield will no doubt have helped.

I'm trying to channel that frustrating impotence you feel in a situation like this. I'm going to dance a little bit harder, sing a little bit harder and grab more opportunities and each time l do, I'll think of Eilidh and her love for life and music. Forever young and vibrant: may she rest in peace.



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