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VW Van Life

l thought you might like a little tour inside our little camper van. Officially she's a 1977 Bay Window T2. Unofficially she's my third baby. We got her two years ago and since then have been on multiple family adventures with her. It's such a great way to get about Scotland and she turns lots of heads. 

This is her from the outside. 

VW Van Life

And here's some interior pictures (mostly). She's can sleep 5 in theory, but you definitely couldn't fit 5 adults in at once. We get along just fine with the four of us. We sleep in the fold out bed in the back, it's quite roomy. The kids sleep either in the hammock over the front cab or the bed up top (it's chillier up there). We have heating, a cooker, a sink and a fridge. We take some movies for rainy days (but drying clothes can be problematic if we have a run of bad weather) and lots of teabags because there is nothing in life that can't be solved with a cup of tea. If you are hankering after one, just do it. You are likely to expand your mechanical knowledge (lemons into lemonade) but you will make memories that will last forever. My kids love her and we'd be hard pushed to find another holiday that would compete (Disney excluded). 




Campervan Tales