We have some truly stunning photographic locations in the north-east of Scotland and l am trying to get out there and capture them. This is Dunnottar Castle, looking even more beautiful than normal on this winter morning sunrise.



This blog has been largely neglected recently. I’ve been making much more of an effort to print my images and have discovered a love for Instagram. But l thought l’d kickstart my blog again with my favourite 14 images from 2014.

First holiday away with the kids. 2hrs on a plane was our limit so Disney Paris it was. We had a great but exhausting time. Holidaying with young kids is not in any way relaxing but amazing memories are made. This image was taken in the stadium where we watched the car stunt show. l was in my happy place photographically because the light was just beautiful.


Chasing the light in Scotland. I’ve been able to spend  bit more time trying to photograph my own country this year and l am hooked.


I shot two of my dear friend’s wedding celebration (10yrs post their elopement). A beautiful, relaxed affair and my first trip away from the two bubbas. l think l could get into shooting weddings if they were all small relaxed affairs and didn’t take place at the weekend.


It’s hard getting out with my camera with two young ones to look after but then l get to capture images like this which make the effort of dressing two kids and getting them into car seats and chasing the light worth it. Pure mommy goggles but l love capturing them both in our beautiful country.


Um yeah, mommy goggles again.


Her first birthday. At points over the last three years, I never thought I’d see this day. To have a healthy, beautiful baby daughter is a miracle that l just can’t begin to convey and I’m grateful every day for both her and her brother. `(Note that large dark circle on her head. Yup, that’s a giant bruise. She’s a tomboy, always climbing and getting into trouble. Keeps me on my toes!).


I’ve been experimenting more with film this year. It’s not hugely practical with the kids. The convenience of digital still wins out but, l do love the results plus film camera are just so beautiful.


I visited Glencoe this year (a must for anyone visiting Scotland). It’s a photographer’s paradise. I grabbed a couple of kid free hours and headed out in the rain to explore. l really want to get back and get out hiking there with the hubs. Need a good few kid free days for that though.


More from Glencoe. This is looking down through Glen Etive, you might recognise it from James Bond’s Skyfall.


Glenfinnan Monument. This was from our ill-fated week long trip away to the west coast. It rained solidly the whole time we were away except for this little 15 minute window when we were at Glenfinnan. I love the light and the steam coming off the hills.


Across the road from the monument. This is the most beautiful lump of concrete you might ever see. A feat of engineering genius. It’s incredible to see in person, even more so if you are a Harry Potter fan.


My son at Loch Morlich. An incredibly beautiful winter’s day in which we pretty much had this beautiful vista all to ourselves. I love taking the kids adventuring in Scotland. So much so that we have actually bought a campervan. I’m sure there will be many more adventure and mishaps in the year ahead.


l shot a tonne of reflection images here. The landscape is just so inspiring. I’ve have visited many, many beautiful countries but there is just something about Scotland that pulls at my heart. I am so lucky to live here.


This was shot on my Canon Eos 3. This is my husband accompanying me on another photography scouting mission, carrying our newborn in a baby carrier and entertaining our 3yr old whilst l shoot. His support and encouragement is one of the main reasons l have been able to throw myself into photography. 



l crossed off two locations on my bucket list this last weekend when l visited both Glencoe and Glenfinnan Viaduct on the west coast of Scotland.

Glencoe is outstandingly beautiful, it takes your breath away even in the near washout conditions we experienced. It’s a must for any photographer. It’s so rich in history and has featured as a backdrop for many films, most recently: Harry Potter and Skyfall. Glenfinnan Viaduct should be an eyesore, it’s a big mass of concrete in a beautiful glen. But it is a feat of engineering beauty and sets this beautiful glen apart from all the others around it. l can’t wait to revisit both locations, in all seasons and take a ride on the Jacobite Express across the Glenfinnan Viaduct, Harry Potter style.


Long overdue. We we there in June! I’m definitely focusing on family photos and creating family albums in the next few months. Baby girl getting ready for her first swim. Is there anything cuter than thumb-sucking in a baby?

The first full day we were there, it rained heavily. So we changed up some of our plans and decided to head to Mickey’s cafe to meet the characters. Neeva had a great time and engaged with them from the start. Arran, on the other hand, took a long time to warm up to them. He ended up loving the chipmunks and goofy. 
I used our downtime in the hotel to snap some more pictures. The light was lovely and soft (but very green due to the forest outside the window). 
Disney is tiring for both babies and their daddies. 
He really couldn’t understand why he couldn’t pull this out. 
This is where we watched the car stunt show. Neeva was entranced with the noise and the fast cars and Arran loved watching Lightning McQueen. Mummy loved the light!
Lunch stop and another picture because she is just so darn cute, drool and all. 
l meant to snap more images of the park and all its features but l got distracted looking after two kiddos.

Shot through the (closed) window of a moving car. Should have got the hubs to stop. Some people like the picture perfect pretty scenes of Scotland with the lochs, the trees, the heather on the mountains. I like that too but my heart skips when l come across moody scenes like this. The light in Scotland, l just can’t adequately describe it to someone who has never been here. It’s a photographers dream and worst nightmare rolled into one.