My daughter found her feet. Now all she wants to do is run. But sometimes, just sometimes, she wants the security of holding onto one of my fingers. It’s so bittersweet.


Life has been so busy lately that l have barely had a chance to pick up my camera, let alone post to this blog. I’ve definitely been missing it. l get withdrawal symptoms when l don’t shoot regularly. l guess it’s my ‘me’ time.

With the weather getting duller and 2 uncooperative models,  l have been practicing some food photography. It’s not easy and if l was to pursue doing this, it requires a lot more planning that l currently give it.

So here is my second roll of film shot with my Canon Eos 3. This time l tried out tri-x 400 black and white film. It was quite a hazy evening and the sun was still quite high in the sky. I’d like to try this film out in a more high contrast situation. Definitely a lot more keepers with this set of film compared to my first and a few more lessons learned. I’m definitely hooked, waiting for my scans and then getting the email that they were done – it was like xmas! But l think l will keep film for specific projects like this – a whole roll at the beach with my family. Thanks for looking and any feedback from film experts greatly appreciated. (Next up will be Portra 400).  

  • July 3, 2014 - 9:09 pm

    Kerry l - How fun! I just sent off a roll of Tri- x shot on my EOS-3 – I hope mine turn out half as good. :) ReplyCancel

  • July 3, 2014 - 8:36 pm

    Catherine - Awesome! Great job–they’re fantastic!!!ReplyCancel

Last night the light was beautiful. It was one of those times that l wished l lived in the middle of nowhere in the highlands of Scotland to take full advantage of it. Instead, l chased the light in my car. Literally. l drove for an hour trying to catch it up and never quite getting there. But here are some pics l did get where you can see just how gorgeous and buttery the light was when it managed to break through the cloud cover. Imagine doing a portrait session just on the edge of that light.