So here is my second roll of film shot with my Canon Eos 3. This time l tried out tri-x 400 black and white film. It was quite a hazy evening and the sun was still quite high in the sky. I’d like to try this film out in a more high contrast situation. Definitely a lot more keepers with this set of film compared to my first and a few more lessons learned. I’m definitely hooked, waiting for my scans and then getting the email that they were done – it was like xmas! But l think l will keep film for specific projects like this – a whole roll at the beach with my family. Thanks for looking and any feedback from film experts greatly appreciated. (Next up will be Portra 400).  

  • July 3, 2014 - 9:09 pm

    Kerry l - How fun! I just sent off a roll of Tri- x shot on my EOS-3 – I hope mine turn out half as good. :) ReplyCancel

  • July 3, 2014 - 8:36 pm

    Catherine - Awesome! Great job–they’re fantastic!!!ReplyCancel

Last night the light was beautiful. It was one of those times that l wished l lived in the middle of nowhere in the highlands of Scotland to take full advantage of it. Instead, l chased the light in my car. Literally. l drove for an hour trying to catch it up and never quite getting there. But here are some pics l did get where you can see just how gorgeous and buttery the light was when it managed to break through the cloud cover. Imagine doing a portrait session just on the edge of that light.





It’s been a while since l used my macro but I’m trying to get out of a funk and push myself. My assignment here was to take as many different pictures as l could of one object using one lens.


So l had great visions of starting a personal ‘film’ project when my daughter was born. l wanted to slow down and take some meaningful pictures of her on film every month for her first year. But l had obviously forgotten how tiring bringing home a baby is and l just didn’t get the time or have the energy to get my film camera out and shoot. But this month, l shot my first roll of film through my Canon Eos 3 (Fuji 400h). This was my favourite image. l love how it rendered the greens and the beautiful bokeh in the background. l have just sent of my second roll of film (tri-x 400 b&w). All in all, it’s pretty expensive so it will definitely only be for specific and limited projects. But l love the new skills it is teaching me. Specifically to stop being so lazy with my metering (and obviously stop chomping) and to wait for meaningful moments.