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Craving a modern Scottish bolt-hole

Craving a modern Scottish bolt-hole

Modern Scottish bolt-hole

Getting older and the constant barrage of devastating news headlines has got me revisiting the idea of west coast living in a luxury but compact cabin. 

Here's my wishlist: what would be on yours? 

1. Mountain views

2. A wood burning stove

3. A little photographic studio with darkroom

4. Some land on which to grow produce and to build basic but kitsch hut accommodation for visiting artists. 

5. A steam room. (Too much?). I'm sure l can find suggestions for an eco sustainable version that will do wonders for my intermittent back issues. 

6. Sofas that you can fall into and big cosy blankets.

7. A little deck area with a swinging bench on which to sit and enjoy the passing seasons and ever-changing views. 

8. An outdoor fire pit with chopped logs for seats. What better way than to spend late summer evenings than under the stars toasting marshmallows on sticks. 

9. Fairy lights and lanterns. Lots and lots to create beautiful, ambient, magical lighting.

10. A telescope to enjoy the dark skies. With my 5yr old space obsessed boy at my side, I'll finally learn what all the constellations are. 

You can see more bothy inspiration here: https://uk.pinterest.com/kat8/bothy/


Scottish bothy inspiration

Scottish winter sunsets

Day of rest.....