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Lazy Sundays - Sept

Almost the end of October and I'm just getting round to posting my month of lazy Sunday's for September. I just wanted to add here that 'lazy' is really a misnomer. Since l had kids, I've had maybe 3 lazy days in total. I look back wistfully on all those lazy Sundays l had before. What was l doing? Why didn't l sleep more? Why did l not learn photography then? Why did l not travel around Scotland more doing lots of child unfriendly activities? Anyway, l digress. Here is September. 

The leaves started changing. Photography has made me more observant, or perhaps it's age. Autumn arrived late this year. No doubt due to the lovely September we had.  The leaves are only just starting to fall thick and fast now (end of Oct) and that gorgeous russet colour is all around. 

Lazy Sundays

The sun is lower in the sky and much less intense. For photographers it's like honey to a bee. I am distracted by it all the time. Shafts of light through the trees illuminating the path on our school run, droplets of dew made golden by the sunrise, the first rays of the sun tinging the clouds pink in the morning. The light obsession often leads to me seeking out images, hence this one of a tangerine. 

Lazy Sundays

This is also the month that spider webs get sparkly. Head into any woodland first thing in the morning and you will see the same. 

Lazy Sundays

That glorious Autumnal light is just starting. Here's me trying to encourage little sis to stay still for just one second so that l can snatch a picture of her. 

Lazy sundays

I made Cullen Skink for the first time this month and it was delicious. Having enjoyed it many, many times over the years, I thought it was about time to attempt making it. It was so straightforward and the kids loved it. Perfect winter accompaniment. 

Lazy Sundays

The rainbow is such a wonderful symbol of hope and tolerance. There are so many good things happening in the world and so many people doing wonderful and amazing things. Unfortunately, the news seems to just drown all that out and it's easy to become cynical. Trying to work out how best to encourage my kids to be the good in the world. 

Lazy Sundays

We saw a few ladybirds this summer which makes a nice change. Turns out they were always there and adults don't necessarily see them so much because we are too busy to play outside. 

Lazy Sundays

October's lazy Sundays coming soon....

My little Autumn baby

i thought i knew what autism was...........