30 days wild

30 days wild

These sproglets of ours are never happier than when they are outdoors. Now before you think we are bragging about raising perfect children who say 'no mummy we don't want to play the IPAD we'd rather be outdoors adventuring", think again. If left to their own devices, they would never leave a screen. It's more a case of once we have spent a decent amount of convincing the kids outdoors, they are never happier. Loving the outdoors ourselves definitely makes the cajoling easier. We spend a great deal of time outdoors in all weathers and want to pass on this love to our children. I think it's working. They are becoming much more aware of the natural world around them. They stop to admire colourful beetles, are entranced by ladybirds, think nothing of stripping down for a dip in a freezing cold loch, love eating food cooked on an open fire and play their part in picking up other people's rubbish. Their favourite thing to do on holiday is head away in the camper van. It's just the kind of life l always dreamed of giving them. That's why we are all excited to be taking part in the 30 days wild challenge. For the month of June, we are going to commit to a random act of wildness every day. As with anything, it's good to sometimes have a specific focus or task to keep you motivated and this daily prompt project has got the kids very excited. We are going to try and take a daily image and complete a short journal for every day and share it on here for anyone who wants to follow along. For those of you that don't know about it and are thinking of jumping in, here are some prompts for little 'wild' projects you can do yourself:

Build a hedgehog house for your garden

Go bat spotting

Sit outside with a blanket and warm drink and take in a sunset

Read a 'wild' book

Grow herbs

Learn to identify birds by their song

Forage for and make nettle soup

Make a sun print

Create a nature scavenger hunt

Make a stick crown

Go tree climbing

Make a fairy potion

Go butterfly spotting

Make dandelion playdoh

Hike up a hill

Go stargazing

Toast marshmallows on an open fire

Make a sundial

Make a bird feeder

Write your name using materials only found in nature.

30 days wild