The minimalist image

The minimalist image

I've been trying to embrace the 'slow-living' movement and simplify life a bit more. It seems to be a big trend just now with many extolling the virtues of concepts such as the capsule wardrobe, the Hygge lifestyle or the small house movement.  My version of it is about simplification. Less clutter and plastic, more experiences. Less flights away, more staycations. Less social media, more socialising.  

This gradual shift towards a lower maintenance lifestyle now seems to have infused itself into my photography and I'm hankering after more simplicity there too. Reviewing my images from last year, l'm struck by how busy they are. My style definitely isn't minimalist but I'm going to push myself to explore this concept this year. 

Having studied some of my favourite 'minimalist artists and images, I've come up with some guidelines to help: 

  • Simplify. Take the time to see what is in the frame. Exclude anything that isn't necessary. Less is more.
  • Utilise negative space help isolate and draw attention towards my subject.
  • Create a sense of distance and scale by backing up.
  • Subjects that seem particularly suited to minimalist landscape photography include lone trees, seascapes and snowscapes.

Inspiration will come from some of my favourite magazines including Cereal, my favourite photographers who l feel lean towards a more minimalist photography style (including James Wright and Finn Beales) and the accompanying soundtrack will likely be made up of songs from First Aid Kit and Tom Odell. 

I'd love to hear any if you have any hints or tips or know of any artists that you think are great at this type of photography.